Business development from idea creation to implementation and all there is in between!

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    Rationale Behind Our Investments

1e1a is a private business development firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. We are the meeting point for a team of creative minds, financial analysts and investors. We take part in all stages of creating new business models, including idea creation, business plan development, feasibility analysis, financing and implementation.

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We have ongoing projects in international trade, creative media production, corporate CRM applications and hospitality industries

How do we work?

  • Special brainstorming sessions are organized within our network of creatives to identify promising ideas 
  • Our team of analysts evaluate ideas and prepare detailed reports for the validity of ideas followed by financial feasibility analysis.
  • Validated ideas are proposed to our board of investors to be selected for further development of the business plan    
  • We take part in the implementation of the final businesss plan 


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